Terms and conditions

We have a collective responsibility to our colleagues and customers to ensure that our airport remains a safe and secure place.

Remain vigilant and do not hesitate to share your observations or any unusual or emergency with our airport patrol. The team can be reached at 514-420-5000, at any time of the day.  

FAQ - Terms and conditions

What are the Terms and conditions?

When obtaining a security component, the holder undertakes to comply with the Terms and conditions attached to it. These inform the holder of what their roles and responsibilities are, and what they must not do. The terms and conditions vary according to the type of security component (pass, driving licence, keys, etc.).

I can't remember the Terms and conditions associated to my pass. Where can I find them?

The Terms and conditions can be found on ADM Aéroports de Montréal’s website, under the "Administration and Permits Office" tab.

What should I do if I report a violation of the Terms and conditions?

You must call 514-420-5000 to report any violation without delay.

I am a red pass holder, and I must escort a colleague into a restricted area. What are my responsibilities during this escort?

You are responsible for the actions of the persons you are escorting. Therefore, you must always remain at their side. You must also ensure that the person with the temporary pass always wears it visibly.

I must escort a group in a restricted area. How many people can I escort if I have a red pass?

You can escort a maximum of 10 people with temporary passes into the restricted area.

I wear my pass under my jacket. Is this acceptable behaviour?

Wherever you are in the restricted zone, you must always wear your pass visibly on your outer garment. If you see someone walking around without one, call 514-420-5000 for verification.

I have just moved. Do I have to inform the APO?

You must inform the APO, without delay, of any substantial change to the personal information you provided when you obtained your pass or to your physical appearance. To do so, send an email to bapyul@admtl.com.

I have lost my pass/I have found a pass. What should I do?

First, you must call 514 420-5000 without delay. If you have lost your pass, a file number will be provided to you. You must inform and forward the file number to the APO by email at bapyul@admtl.com

My red pass will expire soon. How do I renew it?

The red pass is valid for a maximum of 5 years from the date of issuance. To renew your red pass, you must present yourself to the APO at least 6 months before the expiry date of your card.

My yellow pass will expire soon. How do I renew it?

The temporary (yellow) pass has a period of validity predetermined by the APO, such as for an employment contract.

I am leaving the organisation. What should I do with my pass?

You must return all the security components in your possession to the APO or your employer on the same day and without delay. If you do not, a complaint for theft may be filed with the local police service.

I must bring equipment into the restricted area. What are my responsibilities regarding this equipment?

If you have been given a utility carriage, tools, or any other item as part of your duties, you must always keep them under your supervision, especially when you are in a restricted area. Your work tools must never be available to passengers.

I am going on a trip. Can I bypass the usual passenger journey procedures?

When you are a passenger on a commercial airline flight, you must pass through security checkpoint A or C. Passing through a non-passenger screening point (the one you use for work) is prohibited.

I am returning from a trip. Can I bypass the usual passenger journey procedures?

When returning aboard an international or transborder flight, you may not circumvent the customs checkpoint operated by the Canada Border Services Agency personnel. It is also forbidden to use your pass.

I held the door open for one of my colleagues in the restricted area. Why am I not allowed to do that?

You are not allowed to have another pass holder pass through a monitored checkpoint with you, as this would result in exempting the other pass holder from the screening process. That person may not be allowed access to that area.



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