Report a noise event

Note: Since April 1st, 2020, only complaints filed by phone or with ADM's tools, WebTrak and the webform (web site and mobile version), are accepted. ADM's tools automatically register complaints and link them to the flight that is reported. Complaints received by e-mail are no longer recorded and are not included in the indicators.


Aéroports de Montréal has implemented the following options to improve the process to file a noise complaint:


WebTrak registers noise complaints and links the complaint to the flight. This tool provides, almost in real time, aircraft trajectories, aircraft type and altitudes. Just click on the plane to access the flight information and, if you wish, directly file a noise complaint linked to the flight.

Video "Understanding WebTrak"

Web form:

The web form – create an account which will enable you to file new complaints without having to enter your personal information every time. The form automatically registers your complaint in ADM's soundscape management system which accelerates the processing and analysis of the complaint.

Mobile web form for cell phones:

A mobile web form is also available to file noise complaints via cell phones (iPhone or Android). Create an account and file complaints quickly and conveniently. Complaints filed through the mobile web form are automatically registered in ADM's soundscape management system.

Other ways to contact us:

You can also file a noise complaint via our phone line at 514-633-3351. If you wish to file a phone complaint, please leave your name, complete address, e-mail, as well as the event date and time you wish to report. Please note that without this information, your complaint cannot be registered. If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail at

Commitment - Management of Soundscape complaints

As part of the Soundscape Action Plan, ADM has put in place a Commitment on the management of complaints related to soundscape. This commitment explains the operating procedures in place, the handling of complaints, the analyses, and the follow-ups that may result.