Travel Tips & Tricks

Take the time to plan your journey at the airport

Here are some tips to prepare your trip with confidence.

Before leaving

COVID-19 related tips

  • As of June 18, 2022, masks continue to be required by the Government of Canada for all regulatory processes, i.e., at checkpoints, at boarding, during the flight, and at the customs processing area.
  • Consult the Travel Advice and Advisories page of your destination to know its entry and exit requirements.
  • If you need to complete a COVID-19 molecular or antigenic test, one can be done at YUL. It is preferable to book the test.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your COVID-19 test results, when necessary.

Other tips

  • Visit the CATSA website for details on what is permitted in your luggage. Keeping security standards in mind when preparing your checked or carry-on luggage facilitates your passage through security check points!
  • Carry-on luggage allows you to have quick access to all your personal belongings. It must be light and easy to carry! Be sure to keep your medications, wallet, passport, electronics, and any other valuables in it.
  • Download the mobile app of the airline you are travelling with to learn more about their baggage policy and to follow notifications about your flight.
  • Complete your check-in on your phone, at one of our touchless kiosks, or online. Most airlines operating at YUL offer the possibility to check-in online up to 24 hours in advance through their mobile app or website.
  • Make sure you have all your travel documents on hand: plane tickets, valid passport, visa, etc.
  • Arrive at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure, whether you are traveling internationally, to the United States or domestically, and make sure to plan your transit to the airport accordingly. Follow the link to the access page to determine the best option according to your needs.
  • Consult Québec 511, to adequately plan your travels to and from the airport.
  • Pre-book your parking spot. When you arrive at the selected parking location, scan the QR code from a printed or electronic copy of your parking confirmation email. The system will recognize your reservation and will confirm access. Upon your return, follow the same steps to leave the parking.
  • It is possible to get real-time flight status updates and alerts by text message (SMS) for flight schedule changes of over 10 minutes. To subscribe from your cellphone, simply text your flight number to 23636. Standard text messaging rates apply.
  • Reserve your Foreign Currency.
  • Reserve your spot at the VIP National Bank Lounge (only available to international travellers).
  • Relax at the Desjardins Odyssey Lounge before catching your flight (only available to international travellers with a Desjardins card).

Once you arrive at YUL

  • Speed up U.S. entry processes: use the Mobile Passport Control app to submit your passport information and customs declaration and enjoy a priority line once at the airport.

  • Take advantage of the many shops at YUL, like the Duty Free, and its wide range of restaurant options. 

  • If you need adapted services, we can assist you in making your journey at the airport a more pleasant one.



Returning home

COVID-19 related tips

Other tips


Picking up passengers

  • The CellParc parking lot is free and allows you to wait in peace in your car. Once the person you are picking up has arrived, you could pick them up at the drop-off area.


For all other questions regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), consult our Frequently Asked Questions (COVID-19).

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