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Montréal: where Europe meets America. That’s the first impression visitors usually get, with the 17th century charm of Old Montréal contrasting skyscrapers and rows of pretty painted houses—but Montréal is so much more! From season to season, day and night, Montréal pulses with activity. Known for its many festivals, the city hosts a diverse array of events, exhibitions and gatherings for the thousands of culture, nature and thrill seekers. Add to that its world-class arts, culture and food scenes and it’s easy to see why the city is a magnet for businesses and one of the world’s premiere high-tech hubs for artificial intelligence, gaming, life sciences, neurosciences and aeronautics. Sound exciting? You have barely begun to scratch the surface! Discover Montréal for yourself and prepare to be charmed by the city’s endless sources of forward-looking creativity, culture, inspiration and innovation.