Airside vehicle registration

Any company wishing to register vehicles airside must first have a company file registered with the APO.  To register vehicles, the following documents are required:

  • The Aéroports de Montréal form Application for Airside Vehicle Registration, duly completed and signed by a company authorized signing officer;
  • The original copies of the registration certificates for each vehicle in question.

Vehicle insurance

Companies registering vehicles airside must secure, at their expense, a liability automobile insurance with an overall limit of cover of no less than $10 million. The Certificate of Insurance form must be submitted to the APO, with no modifications whatsoever, no other form will be accepted.

Vehicle Locator Transmitter (VTL)

Any vehicle present in a controlled area of the maneuvering area must be equipped with a vehicle locator transmitter (VTL), except for vehicles forming part of a convoy, for example during construction work, etc. Each company is responsible for obtaining VTLs. These must be submitted to the APO to be programmed before being put into operation. The APO can also be contacted during use, in the event of a problem with the programming of the VTL. The company is responsible for any problem affecting the hardware components of the VTL.