To access the restricted area and obtain security elements, your company must first be registered at the Administration and Permits Office.  

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Frequently asked questions 

Is there a maximum number of authorized signing officers? 

No. However, the APO reserves the right to limit the number of authorized signing officer at its discretion.

Is there a minimum number of authorized signing officers?

At a minimum, a primary signing officer and a delegated signing officer must be identified at the time of company registration with the APO. 

Are digital signatures accepted?

No. Only handwritten signatures are accepted.

What are the requirements to be an authorized signing officer? 

Any authorized signing officer added during a company file update must hold a transportation security clearance, but a pass is not required. 

What services are offered at the APO by appointment?  

The list of services offered with and without appointment at the APO is accessible on the Appointment Booking page. 

I am having difficulty with the Transport Canada TSS Portal for security clearance applications with Transport Canada. What should I do?

Once logged in to the platform, you can get help by visiting the Help page, accessible in the top right corner of the page. A user guide is also available further up this page. If necessary, Transport Canada can be contacted by email at: TSSModernization-ModernisationSST@tc.gc.ca. Please provide a detailed description of the issue and screenshots.