Vice-Presidencies (GRI 2-13)

Legal Affairs, Real Estate Affairs and Corporate Secretariat

The Legal Affairs Vice Presidency is responsible for managing the lease with Transport Canada, drafting contracts and other legal documents necessary to conduct business, and managing litigation involving ADM. It also issues legal opinions on the scope of various legislative, regulatory and contractual provisions to ensure compliance and application.

This Vice Presidency is also responsible for the Corporate Secretariat, which includes coordinating meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees, maintaining corporate records, and preparing statutory annual reports. It also negotiates and manages space leases and related requests for services or contractual information.

Finally, the Legal Affairs Vice Presidency is responsible for the coordination, monitoring and handling of third party claims.


Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Vice Presidency is responsible for managing the airport authority's reputation, the organization’s strategic challenges and its relations with various publics. It also oversees the positioning of ADM’s President and CEO and the airport authority, as well as all forms of public intervention.

The Vice Presidency’s responsibilities are divided into two departments: Corporate Communications and Media Relations, and Public Relations. The Corporate Communications and Media Relations department is responsible for responding to media enquiries, as well as writing and producing ADM’s strategic and corporate communications materials for both employees and the general public.

The Public Relations department manages strategic issues related to the development of the airport site, relations with partners and local residents, as well as communication and information campaigns for passengers, airport staff and the YUL and YMX communities. It also ensures that ADM maintains excellent relations with the community and fosters the social acceptability of projects by taking into account all social, economic and environmental impacts, and by developing quality relationships with its partners and stakeholders.



The mandate of the Sustainability Vice Presidency is to enable the company to position itself as a leader and achieve its sustainable development objectives. More specifically, this Vice Presidency defines ADM’s sustainable development approach, measures its performance, and realigns its action plans to ensure it achieves its objectives. It also oversees the development and implementation of the organization’s Sustainability Plan.

It also proposes and implements measures to reduce the impact of international airport operations on communities, particularly in terms of noise. Finally, the Sustainability Vice Presidency coordinates the climate change vulnerability assessment process and the development of an adaptation plan, and oversees the maintenance and renewal of BOMA BEST and Airport Carbon Accreditation certifications.


Human Capital

The Human Capital Vice Presidency proposes strategies, programs, practices and tools to attract, acquire, develop, recognize and retain talent to enable ADM to fulfil its mission and achieve its business objectives. As a privileged partner to managers, the Human Capital Vice Presidency provides sound advice and support on all human resource management challenges.

Working with existing union bodies and through a variety of programs and initiatives, the Human Capital Vice Presidency aims to provide employees with favourable employment conditions and a safe and healthy working environment. It is also responsible for defining the organization’s employer brand and working with the relevant teams to develop strategies to promote it externally and bring it to life internally.


Airport Operations and Air Services Development

The Airport Operations and Air Services Development Vice Presidency is responsible for the operation of our two airports and the development of new air services. Its many functions are shared between the Operations, Safety and Security department, the Air Services Capacity and Development department and the Airport Operations Planning department.

Committed to providing equitable services and facilities that meet the needs of all, the mandate of the Operations, Safety and Security department is to provide a safe, fluid and user-friendly environment for passengers and the airport community on a daily basis. To achieve this, team members implement prevention, intervention and monitoring programs and activities, as well as regulatory compliance, both in terms of airside operations safety and environmental protection, by closely monitoring both airport sites. It also provides a front-line service to users, partners and businesses established on the International Aerocity of Mirabel site.

The Air Services Capacity and Development department is responsible for planning and enhancing YUL's service offering, in collaboration with the airlines. It is also responsible for developing passenger and cargo traffic with a view to increasing air traffic. The Planning, Airport Operations department is responsible for ensuring the performance of processes and the achievement of capacity targets.


Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Vice Presidency is responsible for the planning and sound management of financial and material resources, as well as data and business risk management. The members of this Vice Presidency are divided into three departments: Finance, Business Intelligence and Strategic Procurement.

More specifically, this Vice Presidency is responsible for the financial plan, the implementation and monitoring of the annual budget, the production and disclosure of financial information, and the creation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports, cash management and various special projects.

It is also responsible for business strategy and analysis, and for the monitoring and risk management framework. As such, it coordinates internal audit activities to ensure the level of control over operations, manages continuous improvement, and assesses risks that could be detrimental to the organization. As the department responsible for analyzing air traffic, customer satisfaction and pricing data, it is also in charge of providing air traffic forecasts to enable the planning of commercial and airport services.

Finally, it is responsible for procurement and managing the acquisition of goods, materials, equipment, construction work and services for ADM and its sites.


Airport Infrastructure

The Airport Infrastructure Vice Presidency is responsible for planning the development and maintenance of the physical assets of YUL and YMX. The members of this Vice Presidency are divided into five departments: Airport Planning; Design Services; Project Management; REM Airport Station Project; and PCO.

These departments complement each other and work with a common mission to identify, plan, design and build efficient, sustainable and safe infrastructure to contribute to the organization’s ESG objectives, while taking into account appropriate airport design criteria adapted to ADM’s own situation and respecting its financial capacity.

Specifically, this Vice Presidency is responsible for the life cycle and development of airport infrastructure to meet the needs of growing passenger traffic and changes in the industry. It proposes innovative infrastructure solutions tailored to specific needs and organizes the implementation of projects according to priorities, using an efficient implementation methodology. It also provides short, medium and long-term planning, using the program approach, portfolio management and ORAT to establish a combined vision of infrastructure development for YUL and YMX.

Finally, it instills ADM’s OH&S values to contractors working on its airport sites by promoting OH&S best practices in the construction industry and ensuring rigorous monitoring of compliance with applicable legislation and contractual OH&S requirements. It also ensures cost, schedule and document quality control, in particular by overseeing the production of related deliverables, advising on best practice, and guiding all necessary steps required for the adoption of appropriate tools.


Services and Business Operations

The Services and Business Operations Vice Presidency comprises three departments that work in synergy. On the one hand, the Building Maintenance and Ground Transportation department ensures the long-term operability of YUL and YMX facilities and the availability of equipment to maintain a smooth passenger flow. It also helps to enhance the customer experience by providing a pleasant and safe environment, while implementing various energy efficiency measures to decarbonize ADM’s airport sites and play its part in the transition of the aviation industry. In addition, it manages and markets various parking products, car rental products and ground transport services.

The Business Services department is responsible for the management and development of all commercial services, including food services, in-terminal stores and services, and advertising displays.

The Customer Experience and Marketing department is responsible for the Customer Experience program, complaints and feedback management, as well as the service quality program and related activities. It also oversees activities related to the promotion of YUL’s retail outlets, parking facilities, services and destinations, as well as its brand image.


Technologies and Innovation

The main mandate of the Technology and Innovation Vice Presidency is to ensure the reliability, accessibility, development and security of the technology infrastructure and information systems that enable the organization to fulfil its mission. Established in 2020, it also plays a key role in identifying solutions to improve the passenger experience and increase YUL’s efficiency as an international aviation hub.

At the heart of this Vice Presidency’s approach are operational efficiency, optimization of the organization’s ways of working, automation of passenger processes, and user support. To ensure the development of ADM’s main technology environments, it includes the IT Delivery and Architecture department and the IT Operations department, which is responsible for operating processes with ADM’s main IT partners. Finally, this Vice Presidency also includes the Information Security and IT Transformation department, which is responsible for the cybersecurity roadmap and for enhancing the organization’s practices in terms of technology risk mitigation.