Real Estate Affairs

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Legal Affairs

The office of the Vice-President, Legal Affairs, is responsible for administering ADM’s lease with Transport Canada, for drawing up contracts and other legal documents required for conducting business, and for managing any disputes in which the Corporation is involved. It is also tasked with issuing legal opinions on the scope of various legislative, regulatory and contractual provisions so as to ensure compliance and enforcement.

Legal Affairs also acts as ADM’s corporate secretariat, which includes, among other things, co-ordination of the meetings of the Board of Directors and its various committees, the keeping of corporate records, and the issuance of annual reports as required by law.  Furthermore, it negotiates and manages ADM’s property leases and processes related requests for services or contractual information.

Lastly, this vice-presidency is responsible for the co-ordination, follow-up and handling of complaints from third parties.


Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Vice Presidency is responsible for managing the airport authority’s reputation, strategic issues and relationships with various publics: 

  • Nearby communities
  • The business community
  • Governments
  • Media
  • ADM employees
  • Employees of the YUL and YMX communities
  • The general public
  • Organizations of interest to ADM such as ACI (Airports Council International), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) or IATA (International Air Transport Association)

It also deals with the positioning of ADM’s CEO and the airport authority as well as any form of public intervention.

The functions of the vice presidency are divided into two departments: 

Corporate Communications and Media Relations: Primarily manages media requests, filming and writing of ADM’s strategic and corporate communications tools for employees and the general public. 

Public Relations: Primarily manages strategic issues related to airport sites development and relations with partners and nearby communities as well as communication and information campaigns for passengers, companions and the YUL and YMX communities.  


Human Capital

Composed of multidisciplinary professionals, the Human Capital vice-presidency provides strategies, programs, practices and tools for acquiring, developing and retaining talent, enabling ADM to achieve its mission and attain its business objectives. As a close partner of managers, the Human Capital vice-presidency offers them sound advice and support in all the human resources management challenges they face. In conjunction with labour unions, the Human Capital vice-presidency aims to offer employees advantageous employment conditions as well as a healthy and safe work environment.



The mandate of the Sustainability Vice Presidency is to enable the company to position itself as a leader and achieve its objectives in sustainability and environmental management. Without limitation, the roles and responsibilities of the vice presidency are as follows:


  • Define the organization's sustainability approach
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the Sustainability Action Plan
  • Measure sustainability performance and realign its action plans to ensure the achievement of its objectives
  • Propose and implement actions to reduce the impacts of activities related to the operation of an international airport on communities, particularly with regard to the soundscape
  • Coordinate the climate change vulnerability assessment process and the development of an adaptation plan
  • Ensure the renewal of BOMA BESt and Airport Carbon Accreditation certifications.


  • Reduce the organization's environmental risks and impacts
  • Ensure the application of regulations and environmental compliance on airport sites through compliance audits and inspections
  • Offer high-level environmental expertise Update the Environmental Emergency Plan and assist teams during environmental incidents
  • Implement an environmental management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard
  • Coordinate environmental assessments of ADM’s projects and environmental site assessments
  • Perform environmental monitoring on airport sites
  • Measure the organization’s environmental performance.


Air Operations and Development

This Vice Presidency is responsible for the operation of our two airports and the development of new air services. Its many functions are shared among the following five departments:

Airport Operations and Airport Patrol
The mandate of the Airport Operations and Airport Patrol department is to provide a safe, smooth and friendly environment for passengers and the airport community on a daily basis.

Airside Operations
The Airside Operations department is responsible for ground traffic management, operational safety and infrastructure maintenance. It is also responsible for capacity management and airport development.

Air Services Development
The Air Services Development Department is responsible for the development of passenger and cargo traffic with the aim of increasing air traffic.

Planning, Terminal Operations
The mandate of the Planning, Terminal Operations department is to ensure process performance and the achievement of capacity objectives.

Coordination of the Montréal-Mirabel operations
The initial mandate of the Montréal-Mirabel operations coordination team is to provide front-line service to users, partners and businesses established on the International Aerocity of Mirabel site.


Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Vice Presidency ensures the planning and sound management of financial and material resources, as well as the management of data and business risks.

More specifically, it is responsible for the financial plan, the implementation and monitoring of the annual budget, the production and disclosure of financial and ESG information, cash management and various special projects. It is also responsible for business strategies and analyses, procurement and provides consulting services to all sectors of the company. The functions of the Finance and Administration vice-presidency are shared between four departments:

Procurement manages the acquisition of goods, materials, equipment, construction and services for ADM and its sites. It also ensures that the rigorous standards governing these activities are enhanced to meet the evolving needs of the corporation and oversees the supplier performance evaluation process.

Finance plays a key role in providing the financial information necessary for decision making.  It is responsible for preparing and monitoring the budget, preparing financial statements and managing cash flow. It also ensures the financing of the corporation by maintaining close relations with credit rating agencies and major capital market intermediaries.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is responsible for the analysis of air traffic and customer satisfaction data as well as pricing. It is responsible for providing air traffic forecasts for the planning of commercial and airport services. It also provides the indicators and analyses necessary for operational decision-making.

Business Strategy and Risk
Business Strategy and Risk is responsible for the risk monitoring and management framework. It coordinates internal audit activities to ensure the degree of control over operations, manages continuous improvement, and assesses risks that may adversely affect the organization. It is also responsible for the creation of ESG reports to ensure transparency on these aspects of risk management.


Airport Infrastructure

The Airport Infrastructure Vice Presidency is responsible for planning the development and maintenance of the physical assets of Montréal-Trudeau and Mirabel airports.  This includes the development of their master plans, the establishment of the investment program, the management of the execution of capital projects, and the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Two main departments work in a complementary way.

Infrastructure Projects includes the following services:

  • Air Program
  • Terminal Program
  • City Program
  • YMX Program
  • REM Airport Station Project
  • SST Construction
  • Design services
  • Project portfolio control

Air and Buildings Infrastructure Maintenance includes the following services:

  • Contract management
  • Airport services
  • Service to operations and comfort
  • Planning and maintenance services
  • Project management and energy efficiency
  • Maintenance of grounds and mobile equipment
  • Management of facility modification permits
  • Special projects and sustainable development integration


Services and Business Operations

The Services and Business Operations Vice Presidency is responsible for managing commercial services such as retail and food services, as well as parking and ground transportation, and for the entire Customer Experience and Marketing program, which is the responsibility of ADM.

Its responsibilities are shared between two departments, namely :

Commercial Revenues and Ground Transportation is responsible for:

  • Management and development of all commercial services related to food, stores and services offered in the terminal;
  • Advertising in the terminal building and on the airport grounds, as well as the various types of sponsorships within the terminal building;
  • The management and marketing of the various parking products, car rental products and ground transportation services.

Customer Experience and Marketing is responsible for:

  • The Customer Experience Program;
  • The management of complaints and comments as well as the service quality program and related activities;
  • Activities related to the promotion of businesses, parking lots, services and destinations served by YUL;
  • it is the guarantor of the brand image.


Technologies and Innovation

The main mandate of the Technologies and Innovation vice-presidency is to ensure the reliability, accessibility, upgrading and security of the technology infrastructures and information systems required by the Corporation in the fulfilment of its mission. Created in 2020, it also plays a key role in identifying avenues for solutions aimed at improving the passenger experience and increasing YUL's efficiency as a hub for international air traffic. The automation of passenger processes, the integration of digital technologies into daily interactions, the upcoming advent of 5G, and the rise of artificial intelligence are all offering tremendous opportunities and are on the radar of this specialized team.