Who we are

Our Mission

From a sustainable development perspective, our mission is to:

  • Connect Montréal to the world through the talent and passion of our teams;
  • Offer a remarkable, safe and efficient experience while ensuring the enhancement of our facilities;
  • Contribute to the prosperity of our community by embodying the vitality of Greater Montréal.



Each of our brand delivers on the Inspiring meaningful connections promise in its own way. In concrete terms, this means:

Prosper and Delight

To prosper, we are committed to pursuing sustainable development that will result in strong communities, a healthy environment and a thriving economy. Our exceptional performance impacts the prosperity of Greater Montréal and of Québec.

To delight as a corporate brand, we cultivate quality relationships with all its stakeholders. We are always attuned to their needs so we can provide them the most pleasant, productive experience and ensure their engagement while maintaining an excellent reputation.


Our Vision

Gone are the days when international airports were little more than transit terminals. Today, they are reinventing themselves to meet the evolving expectations of passengers and clients. We too have begun transforming ourselves into attractive “destination brands” by giving the experience a Montréal twist all its own. This typically Montréal experience is reflected in our vision, which defines what we want to be, what we want to accomplish:

A North-American destination of choice where the experience is so rich, even time flies.

An aeronautic business destination dedicated to the development and growth of the industry.



1. Audacity: agility, entrepreneurship, opportunities, vision, ingenuity, proactivity, courage, innovation.

2. Reliability: excellence, depth of analysis, high quality standards, rigour, efficiency, ethics, coherence, integrity.

3. Openness: diversity, curiosity, listening, empathy, flexibility, inclusion, transparency, valuing difference, authenticity.

4. Collaboration: mutual assistance, mobilization, trust, transversality, team spirit, sense of belonging, sharing, synergy.

5. Passion: surpassing, pride, commitment to the heart, enthusiasm, ambition, optimism, pleasure, energy.