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Free CellParc waiting lot

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To prevent congestion on the roads and to avoid driving continually around the airport, we invite you to use the FREE CellParc waiting lot. You can park there for free for two hours.

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Air Transat playground

The Air Transat Playground has been set up in the International jetty for children under 7 years old. Various games will make waiting for their flight more pleasant.



Aéroports de Montréal is pleased to offer Montréal–Trudeau users free high-speed wireless internet access everywhere in the terminal. To log on to the ADM network, YUL Wi-Fi, simply open your browser and agree to the terms and conditions of use when prompted, for up to 60 minutes of free browsing. For more time, simply start a new session.


Digital books: lire vous tranporte

Via the platform lirevoustransporte.com, airport users can download to their smartphone, tablet or e-reader the first chapter of any books available in five categories: Novel, Youth, Thriller, Essay/Bio, and Guide. Complete instructions for downloading are posted in the airport's rest areas, located mostly along the international jetty. After enjoying the preview chapter, passengers can read the rest either by borrowing the complete e-book from the BAnQ portal or by purchasing it from the leslibraires.ca site (in print or digital format). Users are also invited to share what they're reading on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #lirevt.


Luggage trolleys

Luggage trolleys are available free of charge to passengers in drop-off areas, as well in the luggage-claim areas and along the international jetty.


Lost & found

Lost and found items can be claimed at the airport cloakroom, where they will be kept for 60 days.

Information (9 a.m. to 5 p.m)  : 514 633-3333, option 2

YULsatisfaction form

Note: If you think you’ve left an item on a plane, please contact your airline.



The mission of the Aérogalerie art program is to help support Montréal’s artistic and cultural development. Its four components are:

  • Works by various artists, in the international arrivals baggage-claim area
    • Showcases in the U.S. departures area
    • Illuminated columns in the public areas;
    • Photos in the passenger return and international arrivals corridors;
  • An integrated light installation
    • by Alex Morgenthaler, in the passenger return and international arrivals corridors;
  • And the permanent collection, comprising works by Molinari, Pellan, Wesselow, etc., throughout the terminal



Jacques-de-Lesseps Park, inaugurated in 2012, provides aviation enthusiasts with one of the best possible vantage points for observing the runways at Montréal–Trudeau. The park is located on ADM-owned land facing runways 24-L and 06-R, at the intersection of Halpern Avenue and Jenkins street. 


Prayer area

A multi-faith area for prayer and reflection is available to airport users. It is located in the transborder (U.S.) departures area, near the Java U restaurant.


Automated teller machines

For your convenience, you will find a dozen automated teller machines throughout the terminal. All debit cards are accepted. Bank of Montreal ATMs also accept MasterCard, while Royal Bank machines take VISA. An ATM machine in the international area dispenses euros, while another in the transborder area dispenses U.S. currency.


Post office

You can buy stamps at the Maison de la Presse newsstands, and you will find mailboxes in the public area of the terminal.


Smoking areas

In accordance with regulations currently in effect, the Montréal–Trudeau terminal is a non-smoking environment. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited throughout the terminal building and on the apron. There are areas in front of the terminal where smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes is permitted. Cannabis consumption is not permitted anywhere on the airport site.


Special needs

For information on special arrangements available to persons with reduced mobility as well as the hearing and visually impaired, see our Accessibility section.


Nursing rooms

For information about nursing rooms and other services available to people travelling with young children and infants, see our section on Travelling with an infant or young child.