Emergency procedures

Vue aérienne aéroport-800X534.jpgAccident at the airport

A public affairs representative from ADM will be at the airport to manage media access. Press briefings will be scheduled periodically, or as new information is obtained. The ADM public affairs representative will secure approval for media access at the site. When possible, a suitable incident observation area for media personnel will be made available.

On site access

Media requests for access to aircraft operating areas (runways, taxiways, etc.) will be granted only after clearance is given by appropriate airport officials. Media will be escorted by authorized airport personnel. Persons gaining unauthorized access to the site of the incident will be subject to arrest and prosecution. At no time will the ADM public affairs representative will act as spokesperson for an agency or airline.

Access for news helicopters

News helicopters will not be allowed to land on airport property without prior authorization from NAV Canada.

Victims right to privacy respected

Notwithstanding media interests, the Airport Authority’s first responsibility is to the victims and their families and their right to privacy. ADM will support and enforce the decision of victims who choose not to be interviewed and/or photographed.