Sustainable development

ADM Aéroports de Montréal aims to become one of the best airport managers, distinguished by its rigour, efficiency and innovation, while respecting the environment. To that end, the Corporation’s management, operation and development of its airports considers all social, economic and environmental impacts and focuses on developing good relationships with its partners and stakeholders.

Following the adoption of its Commitment to Sustainability and the success of its first action plans, ADM has affirmed even more firmly its desire to operate benchmark airport sites that are safe and influential in their sector of activity and recognized in their community for their sustainable practices and social responsibility. Thus, in 2023, ADM published its very first Sustainability Plan 1.0, developed using an approach based on a strategic framework defined according to the risks and opportunities to which ADM is exposed and the expectations of its stakeholders.


The three main orientations are:


The Sustainability Plan 1.0 presents for each of these orientations the objectives and targets that ADM has set for itself and the main measures that will be implemented to achieve them.

A Sustainability Committee, made up of managers from various ADM departments, helps implement the plan and bring ADM’s Commitment to Sustainability to life. It also acts as the catalyst for integrating sustainable development into ADM's business model and practices.

Finally, ADM publishes an integrated Annual Report that reports on the progress of its Sustainability action plans as well as on its approach to managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.