Safety Management System (SMS)

Airside Operations Safety GRI 416

A failure in the airside safety management could lead to an incident or accident affecting aviation safety. In accordance with existing regulations and the contractual agreement between Transport Canada and Aéroports de Montréal, ADM has an Airside Operations Safety Management System (SMS) in place that covers all its flight operations.

The SMS provides a defence to identify civil aviation safety risks. ADM has great confidence in the robustness of the system in place. This is supported by a quality assurance program that includes the conduct of internal and external audits based on a three-year regulatory cycle. The SMS is also subject to a report to the Board of Directors at least twice a year. SMS processes are also reviewed to ensure compliance with Transport Canada regulatory requirements.

To complement the Policy, the Safety Management System Plan establishes the processes and associated roles and responsibilities. Risk management is carried out by analyzing a hazard or event that could result in damage, threaten the life and health of people, or have a negative impact on our operations.

Construction Sites and Other Works

Contract volume D and apply to any contractor who has entered into an agreement with ADM, as well as to its subcontractors and suppliers, and to workers on site at YUL or YMX. Volume D details the procedures that govern construction activities with respect to the Safety Management System (SMS).  

Also, any leaseholder (space rental, concessions, land rental or building rental) with ADM wishing to undertake new construction or improvements on the YUL or YMX site must submit an application for a permit to do so prior to commencing the work. The application, which is processed through ADM’s Facility Alteration Permit Office (FAPO), is reviewed by ADM’s in-house technical professional teams prior to approval. The instructions sent by ADM to the applicant include the main applicable procedures for volumes D.

Finally, any worker or professional who is to perform an intervention (other than an accompanied visitor) on a construction site located on one of YUL’s or YMX’s airport sites must attend the construction site multidisciplinary welcome session on an annual basis. This session summarizes the major hazards and procedures described within Volumes D.