YUL restaurants in the comfort of your room



YUL restaurants in the comfort of your room

For travellers returning to Canada who are under mandatory quarantine at the Montreal Marriott Airport Hotel, it is possible to order meals from selected restaurants and have them delivered to the hotel's reception desk. The Marriott team will then take care of delivering the meals directly to the rooms, ensuring all sanitary measures are met.

3 easy steps:

1. Check the menu of your favourite restaurant;
2. Place your order using the number on the menu you've chosen;
3. Enjoy the meal delivered directly to your room door by the Marriott team!

To view the menus and phone numbers to place an order, click on the restaurant logos below.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotel reception at 514 636-6700.

Minimum order of $20 at each participating restaurant. Gratuity and delivery fees apply at the restaurants' discretion.

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