Minimum order of $20 at each participating restaurant. Gratuity and delivery fees apply at the restaurants' discretion.


Monday to Sunday
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

breakfast Sandwich Price
English Muffin Ham egg and cheese $11.99
Bagel Bacon egg and cheese $11.99
Muffin or Bagel egg and cheese $11.99


Sandwich price
Montreal Smoked meat $14.99
Chicken on  Bun : chicken Tomato cheese salad $14.99
Cubano on Bun : pork lion, ham, cheese Pickle Mustarde $14.99
Chicken wrap : chicken Mayonnaise tomato salad cheese $14.99
Turkey on Bun : turkey cheese tomate salad $14.99
Italiano on Bun : 3 different coldcut ( salami, ham,  pepperoni) cheese $14.99


Dessert price
Fruit cup $8.99
Yogurt parfait with fruits $8.99




Chips flavor price
Miss Vicky 40gr Salt&vinegar, Regular, BBQ $2.79
Hardbite 150gr Regular, BBQ  $5.00
Boulder 142gr Salt&vinegar, Regular, BBQ $7.49
Doritos 45gr   $2.79


others flavor pRIce
Muffin choc chip, blueberry, raspberry $4.00
Cookie choc chip, oatmeal raisin, double choc $1.99


drinks Price
Dasani 591ml $3.29
Dasani 1L $4.29
Coke Products $3.29
Perrier $4.49
Minute Maid Orange $3.79
Nestea $3.99